About the Journal

TheoretiCS is a Diamond Open Access electronic journal covering all areas of Theoretical Computer Science (TCS). Access to all papers is free. Authors are not required to pay any publication fees or article processing charges, and retain copyright.

TheoretiCS is published by the TheoretiCS Foundation e.V.. The journal is a joint effort of the TCS community. Its policies are decided by the Advisory Board, mostly consisting of representatives of major TCS conferences.

TheoretiCS strives for top quality scholarship in Theoretical Computer Science, broadly construed. It publishes original research, explicitly including suitably revised and extended versions of conference papers. To be accepted, a paper must make a significant contribution of lasting value to a relevant area of TCS, and its presentation must be of high quality.

TheoretiCS is an overlay journal of the Computing Research Repository (CoRR) on arXiv, which kindly host the articles of the journal. The editorial system of the journal is kindly hosted on Episciences by the CCSD.

If you want to support TheoretiCS financially, if you wish to offer your time to help running the journal, or if you have any other inquiry, please get in touch with us at contact<REMOVETHIS>@theoretics-journal.org.