Review Process

TheoretiCS follows a two-phase peer-reviewing process. In the first phase, the Editorial Board, possibly after seeking the opinion of external experts, decides whether or not a submission qualifies for a thorough review. The main criteria are the significance and lasting value of the results, the belief that the exposition is of high quality or will be after revision, and the availability of expert reviewers. Reviewers are asked to explicitly state whether they believe that the contribution of the submission is among the strongest contributions in its area in the last year or so.

TheoretiCS strives to conclude the first phase of reviewing and notify the authors about its result within three months (see how we did).

In the second phase, reviewers check the validity and make suggestions to achieve a presentation of high quality. Submissions that qualify for the second phase are expected to eventually be published, usually in revised form, unless significant issues are detected or the desired quality of exposition is not achieved.