Policy on P vs. NP and other long-standing problems

The study of long-standing open problems in theoretical computer science, and in particular of the P vs. NP problem, is in the scope of TheoretiCS. However, extraordinary claims must be supported by extraordinary evidence, and so submissions to TheoretiCS claiming to solve such problems must meet the highest standards of rigorousness and quality of presentation.

In particular, such submissions must not only be correct; they must also be presented in the clearest and simplest possible way, with no ambiguities, and in a clear grammatical language. The logic must be impeccable, and the presentation must follow the highest standards of expository writing. Reviewers should not have to invest additional time understanding the material because of poor or obscure notations, missing or unclear definitions, or any other reason.

In addition, such submissions must include a cover letter with a clear and convincing high-level explanation of the new ideas they contain, and why they solve a problem that has remained open despite decades of active study.

Submissions judged not to satisfy these criteria will be rejected without refereeing, and their authors will not be allowed to submit a new paper to TheoretiCS on the same topic until a period of one year has elapsed.

The goal of this policy is to ensure that the valuable reviewing resources of our community are used efficiently.