Submission Checklist (All items required):

  1. The paper submitted has not been published and is not under consideration for publication at another academic journal.
  2. All authors agree to the copyright information.
  3. The submission has been published as a preprint on the Computing Research Repository (CoRR); i.e. the computer science part of make sure to submit the correct arXiv version, in case there are several arXiv versions of your paper. If you cannot submit through arXiv, please contact the Editors in Chief.
  4. You have chosen an editor from the Editorial Board to handle your paper, and checked that you are not in conflict of interest with that editor. (Please note that this is only advisory: the editors-in-chief may choose a different editor.) You may also express negative preferences and point out potential conflicts of interest with other editors using the "Comment" field when submitting the article.
  5. You have an Episciences account, which can be obtained by registering here.

Once you have checked the above, you can submit your article here.